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[Janosik-devel] shoulder blade

From: Beatrix Chapman
Subject: [Janosik-devel] shoulder blade
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 19:27:42 -0800

I ate a dry scrap of food and turnedinto my blankets.
They were in a long,wavering row, with wide, windowless fronts. After two hours the rain stopped suddenly. When I looked up, she darted away likea fawn, leaving her water pails behind. I had thefeeling that it was here the real trail of my life began. Perhapsit is because I am a woman that they were so good to me.
The wagon hadfour wheels and a long pole.
We took a few steps and then the pulse of theengine was no longer under our feet.
Orphan Lizzie was shy as a rabbit but completely unselfconscious.
The washing of my ears interested them most.
Lizziealways took a long lick at the top of the jam-tin as she passed it.
Together we had leftDartmouth, gone into training camp, sailed for France on the sametransport.
Once only during the whole trip were words exchanged in the canoe. Jones filled his pailsat the spring and returned to the scow, leaving us stranded on theshore.
The hero told me, My mother-in-lawsays you may live in her house. I was given the bow seat, a small roundstick like a hen roost. In the late afternoon a great shadow-mountain stepped across thelake and brooded over the cemetery. All the food I had leftfor the last three days was hard tack and raisins.
To get into a berth you must first horizontal yourself, thentip and roll.
At the thought I made a dash for the brokencommunity house on the bank above. But, if it means the time people died, why do they put IPOO onthe old graves as well as on the new? The Indians took the bits out of theirhorses mouths and gave them food.
I sat down on the floor and rested my backagainst the roost, holding the small dog in my lap. But everybody did not die at the same time. When I looked up, she darted away likea fawn, leaving her water pails behind.
He saidI was to be at the Hudsons Bay store at eight the next morning. Every feathered forefather for the last twenty centuries is awake andshouting! Every minute I thought we wouldbe pitched off the pole.
In my heart, I had neverlaughed at those subconscious perceptions, whatever they were.
Smiths blinky eye peeped out tosee if he had dreamed us.
Be sure to check thecopyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing thisfile. For two days from dawn till dark I worked down in the old part ofthe village.
No, I would certainly have said, Keep out. If hesaw me wince as the shadows rushed in upon us, he did not show it.
Come you please, lady, piped the queer little voice. Suddenly something at the other end of the village attracted thedogs.
I was given the bow seat, a small roundstick like a hen roost.

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