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Re: [Ring] Recover User/Backup Ring Profile

From: Adrien Béraud
Subject: Re: [Ring] Recover User/Backup Ring Profile
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2017 17:46:16 -0500 (EST)

The procedure you mentioned should be working (.cache isn't needed).
The registered username is basically just a (name->public key) entry in the blockchain so as long as you preserve access to your keys, the name remains in your control.

Procedure if you have a backup of previous configuration (.config/ring/dring.yml and .local/share/ring):
- First, before playing with configuration files, make sure that Ring (including the daemon process, dring) is not running: dring will override dring.yml on startup and exit.
- Then copy (recursively) .config/dring and .local/share/ring from your backup to your new system.
Note that dring.yml is supposed to be a readable, unencrypted yaml file.
- Launch Ring. Your previous configuration including all of your previous accounts should be there. Registered usernames should work.

If this is not working (for instance because backed-up dring.yml is corrupted), there is still a way to recover your account.
You just need export.gz and your password.
- quit Ring and make sure dring is not running
- move/delete previous local configuration (.config/ring and .local/share/ring)
- start Ring and create a new account (don't register username, this account will be deleted)
- quit Ring and make sure dring is not running
- notice new directory .local/share/ring/{account_id}
- delete content of new directory .local/share/ring/{account_id}/
- copy content of backed-up account data to .local/share/ring/{account_id}/ (must include export.gz).
- start Ring and Gnome client. It should ask to enter password to migrate account. Do so.
- after some time the client might show an error message. At this point ignore the message, quit Ring.
- start Ring again. Your account should be loaded. The registered username should work to call this account.

Sorry for the messy procedure ; we plan to introduce better ways to backup and load accounts in the future.

Adrien Béraud
Ring developer,
Savoir-faire Linux

From: "Brett 11" <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Sent: Monday, January 2, 2017 4:22:02 PM
Subject: [Ring] Recover User/Backup Ring Profile


I have recently registered a username on the ring blockchain. The computer I did this on has since crashed but I DO have a backup of the following..




But when I try to copy these into my new OS, ring will not recognize them and forces me to create a new profile/username.

The 'dring.yml' appears to be encrypted and I'm wondering if that is the issue?? I do have the 'add new device' password, export.gz, and private keys to this account. Is this enough to recover this username??

And another question is.. What is the recommended backup procedure??

I read another post about lost usernames and I imagine a LOT of usernames will indeed be lost, and if ring ever takes off, eventually this username feature will become useless if it is not possible to recover, backup, and/or recycle expired usernames.

I also want to say thank you to the Ring team. I absolutely love the idea behind this software and really appreciate how much effort you guys are putting into it. I feel if Ring can get a fair shake that it could be to modern communication what the telephone was when it was invented.



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