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[Jailkit-users] Problem with creating environment. ''we already have '+c

From: bryn1u85 .
Subject: [Jailkit-users] Problem with creating environment. ''we already have '+chroot+''
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:05:21 +0100


I use to gentoo-hardened and downloaded by layman from http://data.gpo.zugaina.org/mva/app-admin/jailkit/
Everything have been installed without any problems but when i want to create environment i go an error:

ks3360102 home # mkdir /home/jail
ks3360102 home # chown root:root /home/jail
ks3360102 home # jk_init -v -j /home/jail basicshell editors extendedshell netutils ssh sftp scp
  File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 63
    print 'we already have '+chroot+'/dev/log in '+INIPREFIX+'/jk_socketd.ini'
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
ks3360102 home # ^C

What's wrong ?
Google knows nothing :((


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