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[Jailkit-users] Jail SCPonlyc user into public_html

From: Brahmanathaswami
Subject: [Jailkit-users] Jail SCPonlyc user into public_html
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2013 07:48:18 -1000
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I need to allow web design geeks who do CSS, JS, HTML5 access to files in the DOCROOT directly for a virtual server (our staging server) I need to allow SFTP only, SCPonly (no ssh) and read and write privileges to the "public_html" directory, but they must not be able to see up the directory tree or read files up the tree.

Platform details:

1) CentoOS6.2 set up as web server.
2) all web domain content lives on device 2 (separate hard drive) mapped to


3) each virtual domain has it's own directory for content and the name of the admin/owner/user

i.e. directory layout looks like this (pretty standard)



layout for a given virtual server looks like. e.g.


Where httpd.conf on the machine maps the DOCROOT for each domain: e.g.


So I need to allow web designer "Rajan" access to


but he should be able to see anything in /home/devstaging/etc
or any thing else "higher" on the box (obviously)

all files in /home/devstaging/public_html  are set to owner:group


And permissions are pretty standard for public facing web folders-directories 755, php content framesworks are typically 644 (rw- --r --r)

Can Jail kit help me out here?

Web coordinator

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