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[Jailkit-users] Jailkit and Fuse mounted filesystems

From: Richard Scott
Subject: [Jailkit-users] Jailkit and Fuse mounted filesystems
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:00:44 +0000
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I'm having an issue with using JailKit and fuse mounted filesystem? Specifically GlusterFS: http://www.gluster.org/

I have written a bash script that creates a chroot with jailkit commands and sets the correct permissions etc and this works 100% of the time on an EXT4 FS:

1# Dec 12 15:37:34 recon jk_chrootsh[31029]: now entering jail /home/scott for user richard (1500) with arguments

However, when I create a chroot (via the same script) inside the fuse mounted GlusterFS filesystem I get an error:

2# Dec 12 15:43:02 recon jk_chrootsh[31796]: abort, /home/glusterfs/scottg is not a safe chroot jail.

In line #1 above I have used the chroot on ext4 and line #2 (the error) is the result from the GlusterFS fuse mounted file system. The same script was used to create both chroots and I am confident that permissions are all ok (as they are set in the script). One thing to note is that it used to work in the past (about 2 years ago). I've rolled back to an older version of GlusterFS and this hasn't fixed it but I've not been able to roll back jailkit due to the symlinks used on Fedora 17.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is this a bug?




Additional: How to create a GlusterFS volume on Fedora 17:

  1. cd /etc/yum.repos.d
  2. wget http://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/3.3/3.3.1/Fedora/glusterfs-fedora.repo
  3. cd /
  4. yum install gluster*
  5. service glusterd start
  6. mkdir -p /mnt/gluster/brick1 <- where /mnt/gluster is an XFS filesystem (Gluster can be a bit bit picky about the FS)
  7. gluster volume create brick1
  8. gluster volume start brick1
  9. mkdir -p /home/glusterfs
  10. mount -t glusterfs /home/glusterfs

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