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Re: [Jailkit-users] Install

From: Olivier Sessink
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] Install
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 19:54:28 +0100
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Chris Johnston wrote:
I was wondering if someone could help me install jailkit.. I’m new to linux, and having trouble understanding the instructions. I need users to be able to have ssh/ftp access, but obviously don’t want them to view files for people other than themselves.

that is done with normal permissions. By default on most Linux distributions user cannot look into the home directories of other people.

> I think that either AIM/Google
Talk/Yahoo/Skype would be the best way to do this.. Please let me know if you can help..

which Linux distribution are you using? Perhaps somebody can create a binary package for you so you don't need to compile anything yourself.


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