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Re: [Jailkit-users] jk_init errors in OS X 10.4

From: Gregory German
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] jk_init errors in OS X 10.4
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 16:41:25 -0700

HI again,

So now I'm using the latest version of jailkit and have gotten around the ownership problems, but I'm still having problems with jk_init. Here's what happens:

$ sudo jk_init testjail sftp scp
could not read source file /etc/host.conf
could not read source file /etc/nsswitch.conf
mknod: invalid major number
could not read source file /etc/host.conf
could not read source file /etc/nsswitch.conf
copying/linking /usr/bin/scp to testjail/usr/bin/scp
mknod: invalid major number

The file etc/host.conf doesn't seem to exist in OS X, though there is a file called etc/hostconfig. And likewise, there is no etc/ nsswitch.conf or anything like it. I have no idea what the mknod error is about.

Has anyone gotten this to work on OS X? What I thought was going to be a simple project is turning into quite a headache!



On Apr 5, 2007, at 11:13 PM, Olivier Sessink wrote:

Gregory German wrote:

I'm using jailkit 1.2 which I obtained from darwinports.com (now
macports).  When I try to set up the jail by using jk_init I get the
following errors:

ERROR: /jail is not owned by root:root!

ERROR: chrootdir /jail is not safe

This appears to be problematic because there is no group called root in
OS X so I can't do "chown root:root jail".  If I am not mistaken, the
"root" group in OS X is wheel.  Is there a way to get around this?
Should I be using a different version of jailkit?  I know 1.2 is not
nearly the latest version, but it is the latest version provided by

a similar error has been fixed in jailkit for freebsd and openbsd. Not
sure if it fixes the problem for osx, but there is quite a chance.

I think jk_init checks if the user is 0 and the group is 0, so you could
try to set that directory manually to 0:0

`chown 0:0 /jail`


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