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Re: [Jailkit-users] Problems configuring in Suse 10.2

From: Jere Retzer
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] Problems configuring in Suse 10.2
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 12:54:34 -0800

I notice the path for sftp-server in Suse is 

I don't find it in /home/jail/usr at all even after I jk_init /home/sftproot 

I changed the path in jk_init.ini and reran jk_init /home/jail sftp
still no luck but it appears that sftp-server did not get copied to the jail

>>> address@hidden 3/7/2007 10:51 AM >>>
Jere Retzer wrote:
> Thanks, Olivier. This is really taking some detective work and I appreciate 
> it!
> Here are the ownership settings for the home directories in question:
> thinkpad:~ # ls-l /home/jail/home
> total 8
> drwx------ 2 lcmc rxrmotedb 4096 Mar  6 10:56 lcmc
> drwx------ 2 mike rxremote  4096 Mar  6 10:56 mike

just something I thought of: if you change the shell in /etc/passwd to 
/bin/bash, can you log in? If not, what happens if you remove the /./ 
sequence in the home directory, does that help?

If I recall correctly pam_unix2.so is configured in 
/etc/security/somefile, can you check if there is anything relevant there?


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