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Re: [Jailkit-users] closed connection for sftp in a chrooted jail

From: Olivier Sessink
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] closed connection for sftp in a chrooted jail
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 18:37:44 +0100
User-agent: Thunderbird (X11/20060812)

Russ Lavoie wrote:
> The only shell I have enabled is sftp (same as the openssh 4.2.x
> versions).  I do have logging running, but the only place I can find
> anything talking about jk_xxx is in /var/log/messages and
> /var/log/secure.
> Here is my /etc/jailkit/jk_socketd.ini
> # example
> #[/home/testchroot/dev/log]
> #base = 1024
> #peek = 10240
> #interval = 2.0
> #[/var/ftp/mike/dev/log]
> #base=512
> #peek=2048
> #interval=10
> [/var/ftp/dev/log]
> base=1024
> peek=10240
> interval=10

but is jk_socketd actually running?
`ps ax|grep jk_socketd`

because I see no logging from inside the jail
> I am using WinSCP and regular linux to linux does not work.

with winscp you have to select 'sftp' mode

> I followed the following link step by step.  (just so you know the setup
> steps I went through)
> Using these same steps I can create another sftp site on any other
> system using 4.2.x.  But once I use 4.3 it breaks (even if I had it
> installed and working right after the upgrade it stopped working)

I really need logging from jk_lsh inside the jail to diagnose the problem...


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