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Re: [Jailkit-users] help , Keith

From: Stephen Tallowitz
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] help , Keith
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 23:00:41 +0200

Hello Keith,

it seems to me from your comments and the log file that you're trying to log 
into your account - using an interactive shell. You are typing something like
ssh address@hidden
if I'm guessing correctly. This will not work, because jk_lsh is not an 
interactive shell. There are two things you could do:

1. Select bash as the login shell in the jail (bypassing jk_lsh). Put /bin/bash 
instead of /usr/sbin/jk_lsh into /home/jail/etc/passwd
2. Supply bash as the command to execute to the ssh command:
        ssh address@hidden 'bash'
If you chose option (2), don't forget to put /bin/bash in 


On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:29:05 -0400
address@hidden wrote:

> Olivier, this is an  Em64T dell intel box running es4 update4.
> Tried what you said and now I get the following, I feel I am close...
> Sep 12 13:28:49 fpsft sshd(pam_unix)[6917]: session opened for user mike
> by (uid=0)
> Sep 12 13:28:49 fpsft jk_chrootsh[6918]: now entering jail /home/jail
> for user mike (500)
> Sep 12 17:28:49 fpsft jk_lsh[6918]: jk_lsh version 2.1, started
> Sep 12 17:28:49 fpsft jk_lsh[6918]: WARNING: user mike (500) tried to
> get an interactive shell session (/usr/sbin/jk_lsh), which is never
> allowed by jk_lsh
> Sep 12 13:28:49 fpsft sshd(pam_unix)[6917]: session closed for user mike

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