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Ironclad 0.2.0 released

From: streaksu
Subject: Ironclad 0.2.0 released
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 10:13:02 +0000

This release is really security and cryptography heavy, with the addition of a 
lot of important tools in the task of making Ironclad a more resilient and 
secure platform.

This is a terse changelog of the changes included in this release:

- Added a new Mandatory Access Control (MAC) framework.
- Implemented hardware-accelerated AES and several AES-based cyphers for 
userland use.
- Implemented an initial version of Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).
- Added unit-tests for a small set of kernel utilities that can easily be 
tested on a host system, like cyphers or general library utilities.
- New architecture-independent RTC interfaces thru /dev/rtc.
- Bug fixes and several small improvements.

Tarballs for this release are available here:

Please contact me directly regarding questions or comments
about this release at

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