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[ipchat-devel] UTF-8 (and I'm still alive...)

From: Julio A. Becerra
Subject: [ipchat-devel] UTF-8 (and I'm still alive...)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:56:34 +0200
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Hey! I'm back! I have been a bit busy these last months... and I can be really 
lazy :P But I read all the messages on this list, so I'm aware of all the new 
features you implemented :) Great work!!! 

I have made a few changes to IPchat to convert text/hello (nick) messages to 
UTF-8 before sending them. I hope I didn't break anything ;) Max, I think we 
talked about this some time ago and the idea was to convert chars to wchars 
and then pass them to our own UTF-8 encoder, but I have used the iconv() 
function as it's probably a better solution. AFAIK, there are several 
differences in the wchar (and related functions) implementation among 
different platforms :S

See you!!!

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