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Re: [ipchat-devel] More autoconf and automake.

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: Re: [ipchat-devel] More autoconf and automake.
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:17:29 +0100
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> Great about autoconf, any special documentation to read???

Well, I read part of the texinfo documentation of autoconf (info autoconf),
and the autobook (autobook package in debian). The autobook is somewhat
outdated, but it's a good reading for programming in general, anyway.
You don't really need to know anything special in order to contribute to
ipchat. Only this, when downloading ipchat from cvs, ./bootstrap has to be
executed, so the 'configure' script, Makefile.in files, and others, are
generated. Also, take a look to config.h, you could need some of the
definitions it contains.

Gonzalo: I suposse you'll have to adapt your debian/rules. Should you need
any help, just let me know.

You may use the autoscan tool to check if there are any compatibility
issues in your code. I already run it for the sources, pqueue.c included.
> # apt-get install automake1.7

Yes, also check the alternatives are configured properly, if you also have
automake1.4 installed (I use galternatives for that).
> Yes, i forget the reports it, the problem was in new_heap function and
> i found another problem in pq_requeue
> Question, is necessary the dependency between demux and user_iface?

Well, I was using ui_perror to show select() failures, but I now changed it
to perror, and removed the dependency. This will be important when we move
demux to a separate library, so thanks for making me note that :-)
> Bye

See u!

> -- 
> Matías Aguirre

Maximiliano Pin
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