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[ipchat-devel] More autoconf and automake.

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: [ipchat-devel] More autoconf and automake.
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 02:02:58 +0100
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Hi! The use of autoconf/automake is almost complete. I tried to explain in
autoconf.ac what every test does. The definitions in the generated config.h
are now used on many places in the code. The doc directory is now included
in the packages created with "make dist", and the manual page is installed
when "make install" is run. Also, the bootstrap script has been simplified
to a single line :-)

I think the only remaining issue is better ncurses detection. I read that,
on Suse, ncurses are installed in a rare fashion. Does anyone have access
to a Suse machine?

IMPORTANT: In the previous message I said automake1.4 was needed, but now
automake1.7 (or newer) is needed. Version 1.4 is a bit outdated.

One more thing, it looks like Matías fixed the bug in pqueue I reported. It
works all right now :-)

Best regards.
Maximiliano Pin
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