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[ipchat-devel] Autoconf and Automake

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: [ipchat-devel] Autoconf and Automake
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:16:43 +0100
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IPChat has been converted to use autoconf/automake.
This is what you should do:

Install autoconf and automake1.4 (newer versions work too).
$ cd <ipchat_dir>/src
$ make clean
$ cd <ipchat_dir>
$ cvs update
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install (if you wish)

Final users don't need autoconf/automake installed, they only need to run:
./configure && make && make install

Like any other package. To generate a package you may run:
$ make dist

I have to work some more on the system. I think it doesn't work if ncurses
is installed from sources, and I don't still use the generated config.h,
neither require anything in the ./configure. On the other hand, I think too
many tests are being done. Anyway, it seems to work pretty well. If some of
you have any problem, please let me know.

Maximiliano Pin
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