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Re: [ipchat-devel] Priority queue

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: Re: [ipchat-devel] Priority queue
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:21:53 +0100
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Hi. Thanks for your work :-)
I think you forgot commiting your changes to demux.
Could you add a copyright notice to the head of both files? Copy it from
another file and write your name there.
BTW: Does anyone know what does the year in the copyright mean?
When I have some time I'll try to understand the code and test it.
See you.

El viernes 21 de enero, Matías Aguirre dijo:

> Priority queue is ready, ;). It's ok but some debugging will be great. 
> It's a hybrid priority queue with some search function. The API is
> quite simple, al pq_* functions are commented (but be bewared, my
> english is very bad).
> I've modified the demux to work with the queue.
> Please test it, any comment is welcome...
> -- 
> Matías Aguirre

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