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Re: [ipchat-devel] new man page and hashmap

From: Maximiliano Pin
Subject: Re: [ipchat-devel] new man page and hashmap
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 14:43:56 +0100
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Nice manpage! Some comments:
- recive -> receive
- ip-to-tp -> ip-to-ip
- I'd put a dot before "you will find a contact list".
- swich -> switch
- Maybe "and swich chat buffers between them" is not very easy to
  understand. I would change it to something like: "You can switch among
  chat buffers using the keys shown on the contact list."
- I think you should make some reference to the /help command. Something
  like: "ipchat is self-documented. Use the /help command."
- "ipchat now support" -> "ipchat now supports"
- I see somewhat extrange that "ipchat is written in C".
- In the AUTHOR section, could you add something like "See the AUTHORS file
  for a complete list of contributors.".
- Don't know if a COPYRIGHT section should be added. 

Maybe Angshuman, who I think will join the list soon, or Robert, may help
a lot more with our english :-)

BTW: Maybe some of you don't know how to watch the manpage without installing
it. Just run: man ./ipchat.1

When you commit the manpage, I'll have automake install it in user's machine.

See you!

El miércoles 19 de enero, Gonzalo Saavedra dijo:

> I have written a man page for the debian ipchat package and decided to
> send it here so I can get some feedback.
> The content in the description area was based on the project summary
> page, but I pretty much changed it. As you can see my english is not
> so good, so I'm looking for some extra eyes ;)
> I'm still woking on the hashmap with help from Daniel and Matías, I'm
> uploading it to the CVS tonight so we can all hack on it. The idea is
> to have a robust/scalable/reusable hashmap, and use it on the demux
> file descriptor lists.
> As Daniel said: the man page "sale con fritas"... (hey! that's a nice
> new release slogan! 'ipchat 0.4: Sale con fritas!')
> cheers,
> Gonz
> P.S.: For the record: I hate documenting! :)
> --  
> Gonzalo Saavedra <address@hidden>
> GPG: 0xA5288C45

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