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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-6.2 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-6.2 is released
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 11:10:32 +0100
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2022.02.18 - GNU nano 6.2  "Kamperfoelie"

• The file browser clears the prompt bar also when using --minibar.
• Linting now works also with a newer 'pyflakes'.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (browser failed to clear prompt bar)  (linter found nothing with pyflakes)

Changes between v6.1 and v6.2:

Benno Schulenberg (15):
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 6.2 release
      display: suppress the bottom-bar wiping only when the user is editing
      linter: adjust the parsing to accommodate for a modern 'pyflakes'
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      syntaxes: fold a couple of regexes together, and improve a few comments
      tweaks: change the type of a variable, to avoid a compiler warning
      tweaks: consistently backslash-escape the dash in M-letter keystrokes
      tweaks: rename a misnamed variable
      tweaks: rename a variable, reshuffle five lines, and snip two comments
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be more correct, and adjust two comments
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be more fitting
      tweaks: rename two more variables, and drop unneeded initializations
      tweaks: rename two variables (to get rid of a prefix), and elide a third
      tweaks: store a result, to avoid calling a function twice
      tweaks: use an intermediate variable, to avoid using one for two purposes



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