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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-6.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-6.0 is released
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2021 12:56:40 +0100
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2021.12.15 - GNU nano 6.0  "Humor heeft ook zijn leuke kanten"

• Option --zero hides the title bar, status bar and help lines, and
  uses all rows of the terminal as editing area.  The title bar and
  status bar can be toggled with M-Z.
• Colors can now be specified also as three-digit hexadecimal numbers,
  in the format #rgb.  This picks from the 216 index colors (that most
  terminals know) the color that is nearest to the given values.
• For users who dislike numbers, there are fourteen new color names:
  rosy, beet, plum, sea, sky, slate, teal, sage, brown, ocher, sand,
  tawny, brick, and crimson.
• Suspension is enabled by default, invokable with ^T^Z.  The options
  -z, --suspendable, and 'set suspendable' are obsolete and ignored.
  (In case you want to be able to suspend nano with a single keystroke,
  you can put 'bind ^Z suspend main' in your nanorc.)
• When automatic hard-wrapping is in effect, pasting just a few words
  (without a line break) will now hard-wrap the line when needed.
• Toggling Append or Prepend clears the current filename.
• The word count as shown by M-D is now affected by option --wordbounds;
  with it, nano counts words as 'wc' does; without it (the new default),
  words are counted in a more human way: seeing punctuation as space.
• The YAML syntax file is now actually included in the tarball.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Running the attached little script will show all colors and their codes.

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (add support for more colors [wish])  (clear filename when appending [wish])  (deleted answer was resurrected)  (history could start in the middle)  (with --preserve, ^S was still shown)  (small memory leak for double options)  (memory leak when dots on minibar)  (clunky table of contents in manual)  (email syntax miscolored final esses)  (pasting words should hard-wrap [wish])  (miscolored Rust code between strings)  (M-D word count mismatched Ctrl+Right)  (unhelpful "Suspension not enabled")  (syntax for SQL contained aliens)  (mixed quotes could miscolor things)  ("this\" was colored as valid string)  (yaml.nanorc was missing in tarball)  (toggling help lost focus)  (toggling help lost the spotlight)  (some unbind was colored as invalid)  (some binds were colored as invalid)  (a full justification could segfault)  (--enable-linenumbers did not give M-N)  (M-C blanked screen on tiny terminal)  (--noread disallowed inserting files)  (could not spell check in tiny version)  ('\xčć' was colored as valid hex)  (misleading feedback from M-O)  (--minibar gave no feedback for insert)  (rebinding ^Z failed on Linux console)  (poor feedback for Ctrl+Shift+Fx)

Changes between v5.9 and v6.0:

Brad Town (2):
      rcfile: support #rgb format for specifying colors in 256-color terminals
      docs: add a description of the hexadecimal #rgb color specification

Benno Schulenberg (193):
      bindings: allow rebinding ^Z also on a Linux console (a VT)
      bindings: allow toggling line numbers (when enabled) also in tiny version
      bindings: let ^T in the tiny version invoke spell checker (when included)
      browser: with --zero, do not use the bottom row for displaying filenames
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-color
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-nanorc
      build: fix compilation when configured with --enable-tiny
      build: fix compilation with --enable-tiny --enable-nanorc
      build: fix compilation with --enable-tiny --enable-wrapping
      build: include the YAML syntax file among the distributed files
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 6.0 release
      display: clear the status bar early enough, so that --zero can show text
      display: do not wipe the status bar when --zero or --minibar is active
      display: ensure feedback will be cleared also on a one-row terminal
      display: make sure there are at least as many text lines as help lines
      display: move some code for overwriting verbatim feedback with --zero
      display: redraw the screen in tiny version upon resuming from suspension
      display: with --zero, redraw the bottom row instead of wiping a message
      docs: add a hint about making ^L do just 'refresh' to the sample nanorc
      docs: add a meta description for the HTML rendering of the manual
      docs: add a suggested rebind and three suggested unbinds to the sample rc
      docs: avoid large Table of Contents at top of HTML version of manual
      docs: clarify that --enable options do not fully counteract --enable-tiny
      docs: correct the description of the layout -- four areas, not five
      docs: document the effect of --quickblank together with --zero/--minibar
      docs: explain the effect of --zero / -0 / 'set zero'
      docs: explain what it means when --rawsequences is needed
      docs: give more examples of things that --enable-tiny excludes
      docs: improve the title of the manual, away from the bare "nano"
      docs: list the new color names, from 'rosy' to 'crimson'
      docs: mark options -z, --suspendable, and 'set suspendable' as obsolete
      docs: mention "grey" also at the other place where color names are listed
      docs: mention M-Z (for toggling the interface) among the Feature Toggles
      docs: mention that --zero and 'set zero' hide also the help lines
      docs: move the chapter about editor basics into third position
      docs: prevent a black square in the PDF after the long synopsis line
      docs: reshuffle a GNU marker, to make the title clearer in search engines
      docs: reword several of the descriptions in the chapter on building nano
      docs: reword the beginning of the chapter on nanorc files
      docs: say thanks to the Indonesian translator
      feedback: give a more accurate message when the help lines won't appear
      feedback: refuse the --constantshow toggle (M-C) on a one-row terminal
      feedback: report an unbindable function key as an "Unknown sequence"
      feedback: report the number of inserted lines also with --zero or --mini
      feedback: show a relevant message for M-O when the syntax has 'tabgives'
      feedback: suppress chatty messages when --zero is active
      feedback: to have a status bar, suppress --zero while in the help viewer
      feedback: when reporting an unbound function key, mention its number
      feedback: when the user types ^Z, say they can suspend nano with ^T^Z
      feedback: with --mini or --zero, suppress number of lines for new buffer
      feedback: with --mini/--zero, suppress message when toggling whitespace
      feedback: with --zero, drop a message in a short while, as with --minibar
      files: allow inserting also when started with the --noread option
      files: clear original filename when the user toggles Append or Prepend
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: do not show ^S when --preserve is in effect
      help: ensure there is a blank line between title bar and start of text
      help: group the now lone mouse toggle with the "behavioral" ones
      help: remove an unneeded restriction for small terminals
      help: skip the leading blank line when the terminal is very flat
      help: when done, always redraw the "bottom bars", also with --zero
      history: process file faster by not filtering out hypothetical duplicates
      input: ensure that no more bytes are consumed than are available
      justify: correctly determine whether top-of-buffer has been reached
      memory: avoid a tiny leak when an option with an argument is given twice
      memory: avoid leaking the filename when dottifying it on the minibar
      new feature: option --zero for an interface without bars
      options: make --zero imply --nohelp, and 'set zero' imply 'set nohelp'
      pasting: when less than a line is pasted, allow automatic hard-wrapping
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: avoid resetting the history pointer when the search is cancelled
      prompt: begin at bottom of history list when at secondary prompt
      prompt: keep a clear answer clear also after an excursion into history
      rcfile: recognize fourteen new color names, mostly for subdued shades
      rcfile: remove the deprecated 'cutwordleft' and 'cutwordright' keywords
      replacing: keep centering the occurrence, also after toggling help lines
      replacing: keep the spotlighted occurrence in view, also with --zero
      replacing: keep the spotlighting, also after toggling the help lines
      search: with --zero, do not obscure an occurrence on the bottom row
      search: with --zero, drop a message at the same time as the spotlight
      statusbar: count words in the way that matches how Ctrl+Right moves
      statusbar: overwrite a message also when using --constant with --zero
      suspension: enable ^Z by default -- ignore -z option and drop M-Z toggle
      suspension: leave ^Z unbound by default -- just ^T^Z will suspend nano
      syntax: debian: remove file -- Debian itself will have to handle it
      syntax: default: colorize comments as one of the last things
      syntax: default: colorize dates, URLs, and nano's release motto
      syntax: email: use a character class, as \s does not work inside brackets
      syntax: gentoo: remove file -- Gentoo itself will have to handle it
      syntax: nanorc: add 'execute' menu for unbind, and drop a bad constraint
      syntax: nanorc: avoid colorizing #rgb codes as if they were comments
      syntax: nanorc: colorize a trailing comment when it begins with non-hex
      syntax: nanorc: colorize each of the fourteen new color names as valid
      syntax: nanorc: improve the file-matching regex
      syntax: nanorc: paint arguments of 'include' and 'extendsyntax' specially
      syntax: nanorc: require whitespace before the start= and end= keywords
      syntax: python: colorize backslash escapes, such as \n and \xef
      syntax: ruby: colorize embedded documentation as a comment
      syntax: rust: do not colorize as string the text between two strings
      syntax: sql: add a few more missing keywords, like TRUE and FALSE
      syntax: sql: add more missing keywords, like INNER and OUTER JOIN
      syntax: sql: add some missing keywords, like ALL and ANY and OR
      syntax: sql: add two missing data types -- xml and tsquery
      syntax: sql: colorize as flow control only keywords that clearly are such
      syntax: sql: colorize keywords regardless of case, and tweak the colors
      syntax: sql: colorize only single-quoted things as strings
      syntax: sql: colorize strings differently than types
      syntax: sql: remove alien stuff -- it was copied mostly from ruby syntax
      syntax: texinfo: be more precise in colorizing @commands
      syntax: texinfo: colorize the special @-plus-punctuation commands too
      syntaxes: avoid coloring "this\" as if it were a valid string
      syntaxes: colorize hex more strictly by using character class [:xdigit:]
      syntaxes: drop three redundant end-of-line anchors
      syntaxes: undouble the backslash within bracket expressions
      syntaxes: use one regex for coloring quoted strings, to avoid overlap
      tabbing: also with --zero, stay one row away from the prompt bar
      tweaks: add an auxiliary variable, to prepare for handling --zero
      tweaks: add two spaces and two comments, and drop an internal check
      tweaks: adjust two values -- help lines need at least 6 rows to be shown
      tweaks: avoid a compiler warning with --enable-tiny --enable-linenumbers
      tweaks: avoid redrawing the entire window when just a 'touch' will do
      tweaks: condense the definitions of all the empty functions
      tweaks: condense the regexes for Types in the SQL syntax
      tweaks: don't redraw the help lines (if present), and normalize a brace
      tweaks: drop a fragment of code that became functionless
      tweaks: elevate two messages, so they get shown with --mini or --zero
      tweaks: elide a variable that is confusing and has just one use case
      tweaks: elide two functions that each were called just once
      tweaks: elide two parameters, as they are now always the same
      tweaks: exclude some hidden-interface code from the tiny version
      tweaks: exclude some suspension code from the tiny version
      tweaks: fix a parentheses mistake -- found by a warning from Clang
      tweaks: fix a somewhat humorous typo
      tweaks: fix typo, and improve description of 'set zero' in sample nanorc
      tweaks: fold a special case into the general one
      tweaks: fold some regexes together, and trim or improve some comments
      tweaks: frob a couple of comments, and drop two, for conciseness
      tweaks: improve a comment, and drop two cluttering compile conditions
      tweaks: invert a condition, to get an early return instead of indentation
      tweaks: just let do_wrap() set 'refresh_needed' instead of returning TRUE
      tweaks: mark keystrokes consistently with @kbd in the manual
      tweaks: move a translator hint to where xgettext will see it
      tweaks: normalize whitespace, drop unneeded prototype, condense comment
      tweaks: on one-row terminals, suppress the message for two toggles
      tweaks: place the unsetting of a flag better, and rename a variable
      tweaks: put three email addresses between the customary angled brackets
      tweaks: reassign a copy of a string to a variable more economically
      tweaks: reduce redundancy (--enable-color implies --enable-nanorc)
      tweaks: remove redundant pair of parentheses, and swap two alternatives
      tweaks: remove redundant parentheses, trim comments, fold some regexes
      tweaks: remove two unneeded unsettings
      tweaks: rename a function and its parameter, to be clearer
      tweaks: rename a function, away from using an abbreviation
      tweaks: rename a function, for some contrast and to get rid of a suffix
      tweaks: rename a function, to describe better what it does nowadays
      tweaks: rename a function, to make it make sense
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be distinctive and less confusing
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be easier to read and to make more sense
      tweaks: rename five empty functions, to get rid of a meaningless suffix
      tweaks: rename three functions, to better fit the general scheme
      tweaks: rename three parameters, away from single letters
      tweaks: rename two empty functions, to be more to the point
      tweaks: rename two functions, to get rid of another senseless suffix
      tweaks: rename two functions, to get rid of one more senseless suffix
      tweaks: rename two functions, to get rid of the senseless suffix of one
      tweaks: rename two more functions, to lose a senseless suffix
      tweaks: rename two parameters and one variable, away from single letters
      tweaks: rename two variables, away from abbreviations
      tweaks: rename two variables, to fit with the names of similar ones
      tweaks: replace a verbose condition with a simpler early return
      tweaks: replace the obscure @* with the slightly clearer @sp
      tweaks: replace two direct refreshes with two scheduled ones
      tweaks: reshuffle a coloring rule, to have related ones together
      tweaks: reshuffle a few lines, and rename a variable
      tweaks: reshuffle a few lines, for Christmas and to group things better
      tweaks: reshuffle a fragment of code to a better place
      tweaks: reshuffle a line and adjust indentation after previous change
      tweaks: reshuffle a line into its proper order, and improve two comments
      tweaks: reshuffle some conditions, so that the ifs have similar formats
      tweaks: reshuffle some conditions, to have more balanced lines
      tweaks: reshuffle some lines, one for clarity, others for conciseness
      tweaks: reshuffle the flag conversion into their order in the help text
      tweaks: reshuffle two conditions, re-indent, and rewrap a line
      tweaks: reword a paragraph, and use usual M- to depict Meta keystrokes
      tweaks: rewrap an old news item, for distraction
      tweaks: rewrap three old NEWS items, for esthetics, and fix a date
      tweaks: shorten a comment, and drop some conditionalizing
      tweaks: shorten the description of --zero in the manuals a bit
      tweaks: shorten two comments, and fold two statements together
      tweaks: swap two parts of specific regexes, for consistency with others
      tweaks: untangle two case items, and shorten a message
      tweaks: use a color closer to the rest of the string, to reduce contrast
      tweaks: use a few fewer capitals, and drop an unneeded synonym



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