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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.8 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.8 is released
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2018 10:54:45 +0200
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2018.06.02 - GNU nano 2.9.8 "Espresso" brings the ability to filter the
             buffer (or the marked region) through an external command
             (^R^X and prefix the command with the pipe symbol, "|"), is
             better at detecting and maintaining paragraphs, is able to
             justify //-style comments, fixes a crash when the binding
             of a key to a string lacks a closing quote, gives feedback
             about the number of lines written also when prepending or
             appending, and fixes a couple of bugs with the linter.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (filter text through command [request])  (deficient paragraph detection)  (more deficient paragraph detection)  (linter not redrawing bottom bar)  (linter reopening already open file)  (crash when string bind was not closed)  (linter not updating margin)  (linter crashing for new, empty file)  (zero wrapping when fill was too narrow)  (pre- and appending gave no feedback)

Changes between v2.9.7 and v2.9.8:

Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita (2):
      new feature: allow piping (selected) text to an external command
      linter: check all open buffers, instead of just the next one

David Lawrence Ramsey (3):
      bindings: add the "flippipe" bindable function
      tweaks: avoid an unused variable warning with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: fix some grammar plus a typo in the comments

Cristian Caloghera (1):
      syntax: makefile: recognize also an all-lowercase makefile name

Brand Huntsman (1):
      tweaks: avoid two unused variable warnings when NLS is disabled

Benno Schulenberg (65):
      build: fix compilation failure when configured with --enable-tiny
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-justify
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-multibuffer
      build: fix compilation with --enable-{tiny,help,multibuffer}
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.9.8 release
      copyright: update the years for significantly changed files
      credits: sort the names roughly according to amount of influence
      docs: add a missing double quote in the default brackets string
      docs: describe what constitutes a paragraph
      docs: improve description of 'speller' and related bindable functions
      docs: improve the description of --nonewlines, and properly sort it
      docs: improve the description of the --autoindent option
      docs: make quotes around regexes bold, as they are part of the command
      docs: mark the filtering of text through an external command as done
      docs: register Marco as the author of the filtering feature
      docs: remove mention of the quotestr for when regex support is lacking
      docs: remove quotes around the name of a syntax -- they are not needed
      docs: thank Kamil for his bug fixes, and update an email address
      docs, usage: make it clear that the argument of --quotestr is a regex
      files: give feedback during writeout also when prepending or appending
      filtering: pair the cut and the insert, so they can be undone together
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      justification: find the beginning of a paragraph in a better way
      justification: limit the amount of recursion to prevent a stack overflow
      justification: recognize indented paragraphs also without --autoindent
      justification: when leading whitespace exceeds fill width, wrap anyway
      linter: don't try to access absent stat info, as that gives a crash
      linter: make sure that the margin is updated before displaying a buffer
      linter: make sure the shortcuts bar will redrawn when exiting early
      main: add "/" to the quoting regex, to allow justifying //-comments
      main: interpret only a double slash (//) as quoting, not a single one
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      rcfile: don't crash when a bind to a string lacks the closing quote
      startup: provide a hint for people unfamiliar with the ^char convention
      syntaxes: condense and/or correct some extension regexes
      syntax: makefile: color all keywords that GNU make recognizes
      tweaks: adjust a translator hint
      tweaks: avoid an unused-variable warning with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: avoid a warning with --enable-{tiny,help,multibuffer}
      tweaks: condense a comment, and elide an unneeded 'if'
      tweaks: condense some repetitious comments, and check before assigning
      tweaks: condense two statements into one, and elide a 'break'
      tweaks: elide a function that is called just once
      tweaks: elide another function that is called just once
      tweaks: exclude an unneeded 'if' from the single-buffer version
      tweaks: frob a couple of comments
      tweaks: frob some comments, and rename two parameters to make sense
      tweaks: give some continuation lines a more obvious indentation
      tweaks: improve a couple of comments, and reshuffle a group of lines
      tweaks: make better use of an existing variable
      tweaks: make better use of an intermediate variable
      tweaks: reduce the abundance of the word 'toggle' in the Info manual
      tweaks: remove a superfluous assignment -- the lead length never changes
      tweaks: remove two superfluous checks, after making one of them so
      tweaks: rename a function, for more aptness and extra contrast
      tweaks: rename a variable, for contrast, and improve two comments
      tweaks: rename a variable, to give it some meaning
      tweaks: rename two variables, to better fit their tasks
      tweaks: reshuffle a condition, and adjust a comment and some indentation
      tweaks: reshuffle a couple of assignments
      tweaks: simplify the determining of the prefix for justified lines
      tweaks: stop decreasing both the iterator and the limit of a loop
      tweaks: use a more meaningful variable name, and avoid a distant 'else'
      wrapping: use "smart" autoindenting only when hard-wrapping is enabled
      wrapping: when autoindenting, use indentation of next line as example

By the way, if you'd like to make a donation, please send me an email.



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