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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.4 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.4 is released
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 12:03:34 +0100

2017.01.10 - GNU nano 2.7.4 "Red dress" undoes deletions in an orderly
                manner again (bug was introduced in previous version),
                sets the preferred x position for vertical movements
                more consistently, avoids some scrolling problems in
                softwrap mode, installs the Info manual also when your
                system lacks 'makeinfo', and corrects the behavior of
                the beginning-of-word anchor (\<) in regex searches.

Changes between v2.7.3 and v2.7.4:

Benno Schulenberg (49):
      build: check for GNU-style word-boundary support also in the tiny version
      build: include the old Changelogs in the tarball
      build: install the Info and Html manuals even when 'makeinfo' is missing
      build: move all documentation into a single directory
      build: move the syntax files out of the doc/ directory
      build: rename the sample config file, so it will be colored like a nanorc
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.7.4 release
      copy: properly set preferred x position when region was marked backwards
      cut: indicate a buffer as modified only if actually something was deleted
      docs: add a new Changelog -- a list of the short commit messages
      docs: bring some air into the FAQ, so that <Ctrl+Up/Down> become useful
      docs: fix some spellos and trim some trailing tabs in the old Changelog
      docs: rename the Changelogs to indicate which periods they cover
      docs: snip some obsolete items from the FAQ, and normalize its dates
      docs: standardize the dates in the old Changelog
      inserting: adjust the desired x position (don't restore the old one)
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      screen: examine the whole line when painting, to set the correct info
      search: make a regex with a beginning-of-word anchor work correctly
      softwrap: don't scroll half a page when just a few lines will do
      softwrap: when pasting an overlong line, ensure it is fully visible
      softwrap: when typing M-/, ensure the last line is fully visible
      syntax: html: be more precise with tags, and paint attribute names
      tweaks: adjust whitespace after the previous change
      tweaks: chuck a couple of useless asserts
      tweaks: condense two ifs to a single one
      tweaks: discard some conditional compilation
      tweaks: don't compare a character offset with a column position
      tweaks: don't use a variable for two different purposes
      tweaks: fix compilation when configured with --disable-wrapping
      tweaks: frob some comments, and transform one variable
      tweaks: frob some comments, elide a variable, and use 'while' loops
      tweaks: if there is no end match, there is nothing to paint
      tweaks: miscellaneous frobbings
      tweaks: rearrange and reindent some lines in the painting routines
      tweaks: remove the cluttering conditional compilation of a parameter
      tweaks: rename another variable, to show it refers to columns not chars
      tweaks: rename a variable, chuck an assert, and frob a comment
      tweaks: rename three painting variables, to be more distinct
      tweaks: rename two variables, for distinguishing characters from columns
      tweaks: rename two variables to be just one as they play the same role
      tweaks: rename two variables, to be more telling
      tweaks: reshuffle a statement to a better place and condense some comments
      tweaks: set the length of a search match in a clearer manner
      tweaks: slightly condense a function and its comment
      tweaks: terminate lots of sentences with a period in the old Changelog
      tweaks: the starting point for painting /cannot/ be offscreen
      tweaks: when allow_tabs is FALSE, allow_files is irrelevant
      undo: properly create separate items for deletes at different positions

David Lawrence Ramsey (7):
      screen: properly place the cursor after inserting a file
      softwrap: ensure the current line is fully visible after inserting a file
      tweaks: avoid an unnecessary fiddling with current_y in do_mouse()
      tweaks: line numbers are ssize_t, not int
      tweaks: move a setting, fix a type, and rearrange a line in do_mouse()
      weeding: remove another unnecessary setting of openfile->current_y
      weeding: remove unnecessary settings of openfile->current_y

Felix Janda (1):
      speller: fix build when tiny build is enabled



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