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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.2 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.2 is released
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 15:51:00 +0100

2016.12.12 - GNU nano 2.7.2 "Shemesh! Shemesh!" brings another feature:
                the ability to complete with one keystroke (^] by default)
                a fragment of a word to a full word existing elsewhere in
                the current buffer.  Besides, this release fixes two bugs
                related to using line numbers in softwrap mode, allows to
                use the PageUp and PageDown keys together with Shift on
                VTE-based terminals, stops the help lines from flickering
                during interactive replacing, makes a "set fill" override
                an earlier "set nowrap", properly restores the selected
                region after an external spell check, and improves a few
                other tidbits.  If you should find any more bugs, please
                run 'man nano | grep bugs' and report them there.

Changes between v2.7.1 and v2.7.2:

Benno Schulenberg (53):
      binding: allow to rebind the word-completion function, and document it
      binding: always initialize some keycode variables to a standard value
      build: add configure option --disable-wordcomp to disable word completion
      build: clean out the revision.h file, to make 'make distcheck' pass
      bump version numbers and add a news item for 2.7.2
      docs: correct and improve the description of --disable-wrapping
      docs: harmonize the indentation of the README, and tweak some wordings
      docs: mention that a foreground color can be bright
      docs: mention that libncursesw5-dev is needed for building from git
      docs: note Sumedh as the author of the word-completion feature
      docs: tweak some lines in the NEWS file
      files: trying to open a non-existent file will never succeed
      input: add the shifted PageUp and PageDown keycodes produced by VTE
      input: distinguish <Alt+Left> from <Alt+Right> on an rxvt terminal
      input: distinguish <Shift+Home> from <Home> on an rxvt terminal
      mouse: use the correct screen width for calculating the cursor position
      oops: the yesno prompt for replacing does not want a visible cursor
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: remove two fragments of dead code
      rcfile: actually avoid opening directories and devices
      rcfile: actually don't try to open things that cannot be syntax files
      rcfile: check the vital shortcuts just once, not for every included file
      rcfile: let a 'set fill' reenable hardwrapping
      screen: do a refresh before changing the value of 'focusing'
      screen: don't hide the cursor when --constantshow is used
      screen: don't request an update of the edit window for every yesno prompt
      screen: don't restore the previous menu after a yesno prompt
      screen: remove an unneeded blanking of the statusbar
      screen: switch the cursor back on only in the main loop
      screen: use the correct width to determine whether a softwrap occurred
      spelling: correctly restore the selected region
      startup: activate restricted mode earlier, so --help will reflect it
      syntax: don't leave the number after 'fill' and 'tabsize' in red
      syntax: give the statistics part of a git patch a different color
      tweaks: add a few translator hints
      tweaks: correct the wording of a string
      tweaks: delete some obscuring debugging stuff
      tweaks: factor out a small function
      tweaks: fix compilation when configured with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: get rid of some spurious textual references to edit_refresh()
      tweaks: miscellaneous frobbings and rewrappings
      tweaks: move a cursor-on switch to a more logical place (again)
      tweaks: move a switching on of the cursor to a more logical place
      tweaks: remove a bit of obscuring conditional compilation
      tweaks: remove an annoying conditional compilation of an argument
      tweaks: remove a superfluous cleanup call
      tweaks: remove some cluttering conditional compilation
      tweaks: remove some more annoying conditional compilation
      tweaks: rename two variables to make more sense
      tweaks: replace some unneeded direct calls of edit_refresh()
      tweaks: reshuffle some things in a more linear manner
      tweaks: reshuffle three initializations and trim some comments
      tweaks: use a while loop when the end point is not known in advance

David Lawrence Ramsey (8):
      docs: add info about Slang to README.GIT, and improve info about glib2
      files: give feedback when restricted mode prevents overwriting a file
      general: gettextize three overlooked statusbar messages
      input: make Shift+Alt+Arrow work properly on rxvt and Eterm terminals
      input: properly check the full escape sequences for all keys
      moving: always account for the margin when in line numbering mode
      tweaks: adjust the type of four lockfile variables
      tweaks: conditionalize a bit of softwrap code

Mike Frysinger (3):
      configure: fix ncurses lib symbol checking
      syntax: avoid using black colors
      syntax: gentoo: various updates

Sumedh Pendurkar (1):
      new feature: complete a fragment to a longer word found in the buffer



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