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Re: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.6.2 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.6.2 is released
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 13:28:54 +0200

> 2016.07.28 - nano 2.6.2 "Le vent nous portera"...

Adding a more detailed overview of the commits, a sorted shortlog.

Changes between v2.6.1 and v2.6.2:

Benno Schulenberg (81):
      browser: elide another call of opendir()
      browser: trim all trailing slashes (just in case there are more)
      build: refresh the git description whenever something is recompiled
      build-sys: ignore the revision header file
      bump version numbers and add a news item for 2.6.2
      chars: delete a now-unused function
      chars: don't try to see a character in an empty line
      chars: invalid sequences are not blank, nor text, nor punctuation
      chars: look at bytes in their context, so only valid sequences are 
      chars: measure invalid sequences and unassigned codepoints more quickly
      chars: plug a gushing memory leak
      chars: represent the high-bit controls more intelligibly
      chars: speed up the determination whether something is a control character
      chars: speed up two reverse-searching routines a bit
      chars: the representation of a control character is always two bytes
      color: forget about aborting the precalculation for multiline regexes
      color: integrate the hilite attribute into the pair number
      color: push the resets further when start and end match are equal
      color: refresh the screen whenever the active syntax changes
      credits: don't bother blanking the second line nor the help lines
      debug: remove duplicate information
      files: beep whenever writing out a file fails
      input: accept only the four iTerm sequences that actually get handled
      input: add some missing keycodes to the parsing routine
      input: consider only O, o and [ as starters of multi-character sequences
      input: don't crash when the window is resized during verbatim input
      input: don't drop a keystroke on the floor when the terminal resizes
      input: don't drop the first byte when user starts typing during loading
      input: elide an extra buffer for inserting stuff into the text
      input: plug a memory leak
      input: report keystroke M-[ as being unbindable instead of just unbound
      input: treat Ctrl+Alt+key different from Esc followed by Ctrl+key
      moving: don't do an automatic smart home with Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down
      new feature: add the option --wordchars, to set extra word characters
      new feature: functions to jump to previous or following block of text
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      screen: again, look at the bytes in their context
      screen: avoid converting each character twice from multibyte to wide
      screen: avoid looking up the width of whitespace and control codes
      screen: don't check for every character whether there is still enough 
      screen: don't simulate a sigwinch but directly reinitialize the screen
      screen: elide another intermediate buffer for every visible character
      screen: elide the intermediate buffer for every single character
      screen: include a workaround only when compiling against older ncurses
      search: match a beginning-of-line anchor just once per line
      tweaks: adjust a comment for removed definitions
      tweaks: adjust a couple of comments
      tweaks: adjust indentation after the previous change, and edit comments
      tweaks: avoid a runtime error when compiled with -fsanitize=undefined
      tweaks: avoid two compiler warnings
      tweaks: compute the sizes of the subwindows in a more direct manner
      tweaks: correct a comment
      tweaks: delete an element that is always FALSE and never used
      tweaks: don't bother resetting the Unicode code holder
      tweaks: don't call a thing malloc... when it doesn't call malloc()
      tweaks: elide a bit of code duplication
      tweaks: elide a typedef, as it now has just one element
      tweaks: elide two unneeded variables
      tweaks: factor out a common condition
      tweaks: fix compilation with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: fuse two handlings of a delete key, and fix a comment
      tweaks: improve a few comments
      tweaks: improve two comments
      tweaks: move a debug statement to its proper place, and improve aspect
      tweaks: put all the movement functions together
      tweaks: put similar things together
      tweaks: put some case labels closer to their statements
      tweaks: put the case labels (the keycodes) in a more sensible order
      tweaks: rearrange a function in my style, and rename a variable
      tweaks: reduce the scope of two variables
      tweaks: rename another variable, for aptness
      tweaks: rename a variable and a type, to be less confusing
      tweaks: rename a variable to be more accurate
      tweaks: rename a variable, to clarify it refers to columns, not to bytes
      tweaks: rename a variable -- to match others and to be more concise
      tweaks: rename two variables, to match others
      tweaks: shuffle the resetting of a counter to the tail of the routine
      tweaks: straighten out the flow of a loop
      tweaks: trim some comments, and simplify a condition
      tweaks: use mallocstrcpy() instead of strdup(), for a graceful death
      utils: don't bother to check line and column for NULL

David Lawrence Ramsey (1):
      input: provide feedback on the Unicode digits typed so far

Dirkjan Ochtman (1):
      syntax: allow capital letters in Rust struct/trait names

Rishabh Dave (4):
      browser: elide a variable by fusing the uses of 'newpath' and 'path'
      browser: select an inaccessible directory also when tabbed
      tweaks: reduce the number of wattron/wattrof calls
      utils: accept mistypings and common separators between line and column

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