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[Info-nano] GNU nano 1.9.99pre1

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Info-nano] GNU nano 1.9.99pre1
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 15:19:44 -0400
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is released.

2006.08.29 - GNU nano 1.9.99pre1 passes through the flames.  This
       release fixes various bugs in the last version: the
       mouse support properly ignores everything except clicks
       of the left mouse button; the statusbar is now blanked
       properly when it should be; indenting and unindenting
       operate on the current line when the mark is off; nano
       should build on Tru64, NetBSD, and other systems that
       use termcap instead of terminfo in their curses
       libraries; the built-in file browser now properly
       navigates file lists that take up only one row; the
       cursor position is now completely restored after
       inserting a file into the current buffer, and after
       inserting the output of a command into a new buffer; the
       ^X shortcut at the search prompt has been removed, as
       official Pico doesn't include it and it's too easily
       confused with Exit; the screen is updated properly after
       scrolling a line without moving the cursor; the keyboard
       input routines behave more consistently; and so on.
       Have fun with it.

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