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[mtools] mtools 3.9.8-20021118 and autoconf 2.52 issues

From: Federico Schwindt
Subject: [mtools] mtools 3.9.8-20021118 and autoconf 2.52 issues
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 05:30:56 -0300
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  It looks like the new diff brings configure generated by autoconf 2.52.
  I'm compiling it under OpenBSD and it seems it's not working properly;
setpgrp is being defined as void, thus failing to compile floppyd (it
compiles just fine with 20020203).
  There are other warnings with the new generated configure, all of them
not existent with 2.13.
  Is there any real reason to switch to 2.52? It seems to be buggy. Are
there any other *BSD reports wrt this issues?

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