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Patch to be able to specify a floppy-image on the command line

From: Fredrik Stax{ng
Subject: Patch to be able to specify a floppy-image on the command line
Date: 09 May 2002 09:52:05 +0200
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To make mtoools more convenient for use with floppy image files,
I have added the support for an option to specify the filename
on the command line. 

Linux packages such as lilo presently use loopback mounts to make
floppy images, and I think that mtools would be a better alternative.
But for that to work nicely from a Makefile, you should not need to
add the specific image file to a configuration file.


Added the following options:

-F file         floppy image file to use, default geometry 80/2/18.
-L              lower case filenames
-U              turn on the no_vfat flag

The change is mostly contained in config.c, with minor changes in
mformat.c. I have also attached a shell script, mkdosboot, which
shows how to use mtools to make a dos boot disk.


To make the boot diskette work, I had to write the copies as

mcopy -F t.img diag/io.sys a:IO.SYS

I think this is because otherwise vfat entries are made,
even if MTOOLS_NO_VFAT is set. I would have added an option
to never make any vfat entries, but I need some pointer on how
to do that.

I also think that the default handling of 8.3 names should be the 
standard way of representing them on Unix: lower case. Iso-9660
filesystem drivers, kernel file system drivers, PC-NFS, samba,
all do it this way.

When copying from dos to unix: IO.SYS -> io.sys

When copying from unix to dos: io.sys -> IO.SYS, with no 
vfat entries.

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