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wrong gnus-search in nnml folder

From: Angel de Vicente
Subject: wrong gnus-search in nnml folder
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 11:35:45 +0000
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piggypbacking from the thread started by Julien Cubizolles...

I have all my mail in nnml folders, but searching seems really broken
here. In a folder where I keep all my 2022 mails, if I do

G G since:3d

I get mails for the following dates:

| O   (20-Jan-2022) ( 11k)  
| O   (02-Feb-2022) (1.1k)  
| O   (10-Mar-2022) ( 10k)  
| OA      (10-Mar-2022) ( 11k)  
| O           (10-Mar-2022) (0.6k)  
| O           (10-Mar-2022) ( 18k)  
| O               (11-Mar-2022) ( 17k)  
| OA                  (12-Mar-2022) ( 18k)  
| O                       (12-Mar-2022) (0.6k)  
| O                           (12-Mar-2022) (1.7k)  
| O                               (17-Mar-2022) (2.5k)  
| O                                   (17-Mar-2022) (3.0k)  
| O                                       (17-Mar-2022) (5.6k)  
| O   (24-Mar-2022) (9.6k)  
| O   (12-May-2022) ( 36k)  
| O   (04-Jun-2022) ( 11k)  
| OA  (29-Aug-2022) (5.1k)  
| O       (30-Aug-2022) (1.1k)  
| O           (30-Aug-2022) (3.0k)  

G G since:5d


G G since:1d

return nothing.

Any idea what could be going on in here?

Ángel de Vicente                 -- (GPG: 0x64D9FDAE7CD5E939)
 Research Software Engineer (Supercomputing and BigData)
 Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (

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