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Re: Server listed twice in gnus-group-enter-server-mode

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Server listed twice in gnus-group-enter-server-mode
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2023 16:11:05 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13)

Richmond wrote:

> I have ended up with the same server listed twice in
> (gnus-group-enter-server-mode). I think this may be because
> I originally added the server using
> (gnus-group-browse-foreign-server METHOD), and then added it
> to .gnus as a (gnus-secondary-select-methods) and then later
> or maybe at the same time added tls with port 563. So now
> I am not sure how to delete one, preferably the one using
> 119 if indeed there are two occurences. When I use the
> letter k to delete the server it tells me I must delete it
> from the configuration file, but there is only one in .gnus,
> where is the other?

It can be auto-added or cached somewhere else. (Unintended
pun: 'cache' is from the French word not to store but
to HIDE something.)

Well, that whole situation of adding/removing servers several
ways, and how the methods don't auto-sync, that was discussed
a while back.

Get around the situation by not adding them interactively,
always use .gnus, which is better anyway so no harm to it.

But to try to help you, what I'd do is delete everything
everyway you can and everywhere; kill Emacs; re-bytecompile
everything; start Emacs and see if anything is left; if not,
add it again, but only the stuff you want, and only one time,
in .gnus.

[Side note: Gnus, and Emacs in general, don't care where you
put configuration/extension as long as you tell Emacs where it
is and that it should be evaluated. Because: .gnus is, as
everything else, just a file with data. I, for one, don't even
have a .gnus, instead, I have all Gnus here:

and I load every file there explicitely from .emacs]

underground experts united

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