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Re: Help needed: nnmaildir and expire-group parameter.

From: Fernando de Morais
Subject: Re: Help needed: nnmaildir and expire-group parameter.
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:19:30 -0300
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Hello Eric,

Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> Apparently it's not using the same parameter names as everyone else,
> because nnmaildir lets the user put arbitrary Lisp expressions in as
> values -- it runs the values through `eval' at Gnus startup time. I
> think the idea is that, because the parameter values are handled
> differently, the parameter names should be different.
> This doesn't particularly make sense, and the use of `eval' in regular
> code is pretty heavily discouraged these days. This code seems to have
> been in nnmaildir.el since The Dawn of Time, and I'm sure that at one
> point someone depended heavily on being able to `eval' their parameter
> values.


Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> It would be relatively simple to fix: we could leave the existing
> handling of nnmaildir's own parameters in place, but also start
> retrieving the normal expiry parameters, using Gnus' regular
> `gnus-group-parameter-*' functions.

I'm glad to know that the implementation would be more or less
simple. I'll check the `gnus-group-parameter-*' functions and try to
play with `nnmaildir' with this idea in mind.


Fernando de Morais.

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