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Re: ticked articles disappearing?

From: Peter Petersen
Subject: Re: ticked articles disappearing?
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 05:46:40 +0200
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* Robert Marshall <address@hidden> schrieb:

> I've recently upgraded gnus from the version with cvs emacs to No Gnus
> v0.3 and have noticed, in some groups, that all but one of my ticked
> articles are no longer displayed.

I don't have any experience with "No Gnus", but anyway, I also
experience problems with disappearing "tick marks" (or marks for
"dormant" articles as well). This is with Emacs and Gnus under Linux,
though I currently (just for fun) test Gnus under Windows 2000, haven't
observed disappearing ticked articles yet here.

Fortunately, _cached_ articles don't seem to get lost (or do they?) - in
my case, I automatically cache articles that I give a ticked or dormant
status; so if I insert (Y c) all the cached articles in the summary
buffer and then filter out all the other articles I can look through the
entire list of cached articles and easily (according to a different font
and/or colour) find out all the cached articles that lost their ticked
or dormant mark!

But I know that this is just a description of how I (occasionally)
detect articles that lost their ticked or dormant status, it is no
solution or explanation of your problem, sorry. But I would be
interested to hear about how common this issue is...


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