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Re: sending a draft message

From: johnsu01
Subject: Re: sending a draft message
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 19:53:10 -0400
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Philip Clark <address@hidden> writes:

>> M-x gnus-draft-mode in the summary buffer, then D e, then C-c C-c should
>> work.
>> What's happening now is that you are not in draft mode---it's the 'e' that
>> enters article editing mode, in which C-c C-c just ends the edits but does
>> not send the message.
> That is what it is. So when I go into the Drafts folder if doesn't enter 
> drafts
> mode. Is this the same problem as others are having?
> Thanks for helping figure out the problem.

Yes, that's the same problem we were talking about in another thread. 

So, since you just experienced it, had you done anything at all to modify your
drafts group? Or were you experiencing this with the draft group as created by
default? In particular, have you ever deleted or unsubscribed the drafts group?

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