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ANNOUNCE: Nettle-3.1.1

From: Niels Möller
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Nettle-3.1.1
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 22:21:51 +0200
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I've made another release of GNU Nettle, a low-level
cryptographics library, to fix bugs reported for Nettle 3.1.

The Nettle home page can be found at, and the manual at

NEWS for the Nettle 3.1.1 release

        This release fixes a couple of non-critical bugs.

        Bug fixes:

        * By accident, nettle-3.1 disabled the assembly code for the
          secp_224r1 and secp_521r1 elliptic curves on all x86_64
          configurations, making signature operations on those curves
          10%-30% slower. This code is now re-enabled.

        * The x86_64 assembly implementation of gcm hashing has been
          fixed to work with the Sun/Oracle assembler.

        The shared library names are and, with sonames still and It is intended to be fully binary compatible
        with nettle-3.1.

Available at: (soon)

Happy hacking,
/Niels Möller

Niels Möller. PGP-encrypted email is preferred. Keyid C0B98E26.
Internet email is subject to wholesale government surveillance.

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