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GNU AutoGen Version 5.16/AutoOpts Version 36.4

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: GNU AutoGen Version 5.16/AutoOpts Version 36.4
Date: Sun, 06 May 2012 17:20:52 -0700
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GNU AutoGen/AutoOpts is a two-part project that serves two separate
purposes.  The two parts are combined because they are inextricably

AutoGen is a tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of
programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.  It is
especially valuable in programs that have several blocks of text that
must be kept synchronized.

AutoOpts is both an example of that and a project in its own right.
It is a very powerful configuration file, environment variable and
command line option documentation and management tool consisting of a
set of AutoGen templates and a run time library that nearly eliminates
the hassle of managing, parsing and documenting program options.

The self-referential example:

NOTE: sometime "pretty soon", tar.gz files will not be distributed.

New in 5.16 - May, 2012
NEWS entries since the last release:

* AutoGen now supports the "-MP" option.  The "phony" rule generated
  in the make dependency file will remove all generated files, except
  for the dependency file itself.  Please see the docs for "-MF".

* "break", "continue", and "return" macros implemented.
  "return" works in included templates and invoked macros (user defined
  macros).  "break" and "continue" work within "for" and "while"
  loops, though they cannot be used to leave invoked or included

* texi documentation generation has been much improved.
  Please see the "Option Sectioning Comment" documentation.

* configuring with --disable-static should now pass make check

* AutoOpts supports a "die-code" attribute.  It will generate code
  for "die", "diev" and "fserr" functions that will print a farewell
  message and die.

* a keyword option value of "-1" or "~0" now means "largest value".

* much improved .texi documentation templates.

* de-tabbed "here strings" may have output lines prefixed with tabs
  by backslash escaping the first tab to output.

* -Werror may be appended by "=warn-group".  That is accommodated now.

* many warning fixes and CamelCase name removals

AutoGen home:
primary ftp:
bug reports:     autogen-users at the lists dot SourceForge net domain
bug archive:
maintainer:      Bruce Korb - bkorb at the usual GNU domain

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