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GNU Health 1.4.4 released !

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: GNU Health 1.4.4 released !
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 01:42:09 -0300

Dear all

I'm happy to announce the new stable version of GNU Health 1.4.4

This version has great new features, like Medicament Pregnancy
Categories, Prescription Decision Support and patient and newborn QR

We have also included and updated translations for : French, Greek,
Italian, Persian (Farsi) and Spanish.

We'll be updating the documentation portal at Wikibooks with the
content of this new version. I invite you to download and test it, as
usual from Savannah ( )

For more information please check the official homepage at

Thank you all for contributing your time and talent to Health !

Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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