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a new version of Dionysus is ready!

From: Jean Michel Sellier
Subject: a new version of Dionysus is ready!
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 06:17:40 -0400

Hi everybody!

I have the great pleasure to let you know that a new version of GNU Dionysus is ready! This version is the 1.3.0.

Dionysus is the GNU package for engineering/scientifical constants. Using Dionysus the user can get the constant values just by specifying the name of the constant.

The new features of this version are :
- it gives a warning when a constant duplication occurs in the specified database.
- it implements a "--list-values fortran" option that prints out the constants as definitions in a Fortran 95 module (so that they can be used efficiently from Fortran compiled code without the overhead of calling Dionysus at run-time).

This new features have been implemented by Daniel Kraft. Thanks Daniel!

Anyone is welcome to download the new version at the following link:

Any advice is very welcome!

Happy hacking!


Jean Michel Sellier, PhD

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