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GNU Prolog for Java 0.2.5 release

From: Daniel Thomas
Subject: GNU Prolog for Java 0.2.5 release
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 22:59:53 +0100

The GNU Prolog for Java project is proud to announce the release of
version 0.2.5.
This is our first official release since 0.1.0 on 2000-11-12.

Prolog for Java is a java library (gnu.prolog) that allows Prolog code
to be executed from within java. This allows for the use of Prolog to
solve the problems which Prolog is particularly suited to while Java is
used for other components. 
It can be downloaded from or by
ftp will automatically redirect to
a nearby mirror.
GNU Prolog for Java is licensed under the LGPLv3 or later. 
The project website is: 

NEWS since the last release: 

0.2.5 2010-07-28
   Conforms to ISO/IEC DIS 13211-1 : 1995 bar two minor bugs.
   There is now a (texinfo) manual and the readme.txt has been updated.
   The demo package now contains an example of the use of the API.
   The public key of the key signing key is in the sources.
   Term classes now have working .toString() functions (which use
   The Inria test suite provides an easily extensible test suite for
   testing standards compliance.
   This supplements the vanilla test suite both of which can be found 
   NONISO features added:
       ensure_loaded/1 predicate can be used anywhere
       If ':- term' is used and term is not a directive then this will
be treated as 
         ':- intiailization(term)'.
       random(L) predicate evaluates to a random number i such that 
         0 =< i < L
   GNU Prolog for Java is now licensed under the LGPLv3 rather than the 
   Interpreter's context methods have been deprecated.
   The source now includes gnu.getopt
   The Interpreter#runOnce(Term) method added to simplify the case where
   the user only wishes to get the first answer from Prolog.
   Added NumericTerm as an abstract parent of FloatTerm and IntegerTerm
   Two outstanding bugs in standards compliance are:
       #30568 (inria tests on findall's throwing of type_errors fails) 
       #30335 (inria tests on arg's unification of variables inside the 
              compound term fail)
   Other bugs
       #30630 Deadlock may occur if multiple threads operate on the
              same environment
       #30780 Unicode input breaks the parser (it gets stuck in an 
              infinite loop).
   Michiel Hendriks wrote many additional features and added support for
   many more predicates as well as doing a lot of work towards ISO
   Prolog part 1 compliance.
   This includes: get_time/1, stamp_date_time/3, date_time_stamp/2,
   date_time_value/3, format_time/3, format_time/4, parse_time/2,
   parse_time/3, trace/0, notrace/0, tracing/0, spy/2, nospy/1,
   nospyall/0, various predicates for dialogs, java_to_string/2,
   java_classname/2, listing/0, listing/1, compare/3, stacktrace/1,
   current_functor/2, uuid/1, uuid/2, uuid_compare/3, uuid_version/2,
0.2.0 2009-03-04
   Various changes, bug fixes and additions.
   It now conforms to the "vanilla" test suite (with a few minor changes
   to some tests).
   All ISO Prolog predicates are supported. char_conversion is
   implemented but not used.
   Added support for tracing/spying predicates

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