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GNU libunistring 0.9.3 released

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: GNU libunistring 0.9.3 released
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 00:16:42 +0200
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GNU libunistring is a library that provides functions for manipulating
Unicode strings and for manipulating C strings according to the Unicode

News for 0.9.3:
* Bug fixes in unistr.h functions:
  - The functions u16_to_u32, u16_to_u8, u8_to_u32, u8_to_u16 now fail when
    the argument is not valid. Previously, they returned a converted string
    where invalid parts were each replaced with U+FFFD.
  - The function u8_mbsnlen now counts an incomplete character at the end
    of the argument string as 1 character. Previously, it could count as 2
    or 3 characters.
  - The return value of the u8_stpncpy, u16_stpncpy, u32_stpncpy functions
    was incorrect.
  - The u8_strcoll, u16_strcoll, u32_strcoll functions now try harder to give
    a non-zero return value.
* Portability to MacOS X 10.6 and Cygwin 1.7.



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