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Dionysus, the new GNU package for constants and values

From: Jean Michel Sellier
Subject: Dionysus, the new GNU package for constants and values
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 03:20:00 -0500

Hello everybody,
I have the GREAT pleasure to let you know that the first version of Dionysus has been released. You can find it at the following link:

Dionysus is a local machine search engine for universal constants and parameters of scientific and engineering relevance. If you develop a code and need any kind of well known constant you do not need to hard code them anymore. Just use Dionysus and it will do the job for you.

Dionysus is also useful if you need to know some well known constant but you do not have an Internet connection or you do not want to access to hundreds web pages to a simple value.

Dionysus has been developed as most carefully as possible and the author expects the package to be reliable for the plenty of values already included there.

Anytime you need a value, do not hard code it. Just ask Dionysus and it will give you the right answer. It is high consuming to look for parameters values, especially because those values are usually scattered among papers and websites, some of them being very old and/or impossible to find anymore.

Happy hacking!



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