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GNU AutoGen Version 5.10/AutoOpts Version 33.0

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: GNU AutoGen Version 5.10/AutoOpts Version 33.0
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 10:57:03 -0800
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GNU AutoGen/AutoOpts is a two-part project that serves two separate
purposes.  The two parts are combined because they are inextricably

AutoGen is a tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of
programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.  It is
especially valuable in programs that have several blocks of text that
must be kept synchronized.

AutoOpts is both an example of that and a project in its own right.
It is a very powerful configuration file and command line option parser
consisting of a set of AutoGen templates and a run time library that
nearly eliminates the hassle of managing, parsing and documenting
program options.

New in 5.10 - November, 2009

Here are the 'NEWS' entries since the last release

* When an option is configured out (via ifdef or ifndef attributes), it is
  not normally displayed in the usage text. Sometimes, users want to know
  why the option they supplied is against the law ("illegal"). If the option
  has the omitted-usage attribute, the extended usage (via "--help") will
  now show the option name and the text:

    This option has been disabled

  Or, alternately, the text specified with the omitted-usage attribute.

  If the option is specified, the error message will be:

    PROGRAM: The MUMBLE option has been disabled

  followed by the abbreviated usage.

* Option aliasing: Several times it has been necessary to have two different
  options mean exactly the same thing. Usually, this is a consequence of
  some sort of historical use. However it came about, the need is
  there. So, AutoOpts now supports a new option attribute: aliases. This
  option will be listed in the usage text but will be handled exactly as
  if the aliased-to option were specified. You probably shouldn't use it
  unless you have to.

* AutoGen tracing output: You may now prefix a file name with shell style
  append redirection to indicate that the output appends to the file
  (i.e. >>file).

AutoGen home:
primary ftp:
library project:
bug reports:     autogen-users at the lists dot SourceForge net domain
bug archive:
maintainer:      Bruce Korb - bkorb at the usual GNU domain

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