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GNU Texinfo 4.8 released

From: Karl Berry
Subject: GNU Texinfo 4.8 released
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 17:49:26 -0500

I have released version 4.8 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format.
The NEWS is below.

You can get it by anonymous ftp from
and its mirrors worldwide (see

The Texinfo home page is

Thanks to everyone who helped with the release, as always.  Credits are
in the ChangeLog.

Please email bugs or suggestions to address@hidden,
general discussion to address@hidden



As of version 4.2, Texinfo has a new command @copying to define the
copyright and copying permissions for a manual.  It's important to
switch to using it as soon as possible (as in your next release),
because the historical method of doing copyright permissions using
@ifinfo failed to output copyright information in the HTML (or XML)
formats.  The manual has detailed explanations and examples.  For
convenience, here's a url to one of the relevant sections:

texinfo 4.8 (31 December 2004)
* Language:
  . new command @euro for the Euro currency symbol, and
    @documentencoding has some support for ISO-8859-15.
  . new command @abbr for general abbreviations.
  . new command @slanted to typeset text in a slanted font,
    and @sansserif to typeset in a sans serif font.
* makeinfo:
  . An empty first argument to cross-reference commands, such as @xref,
    causes an error.  This change was made in 4.1, but not mentioned in NEWS.
  . HTML output:
    - <a name="..."> constructs are added for the old-style
      conversion of node names to HTML names, so that external references
      to them can continue to work.
    - "g_t" prefixed to targets for node names beginning with a
      nonletter, for XHTML compatibility.
  . Docbook output: recognize more image formats.
* texi2dvi:
  . new option --recode, to call recode for input character translation.
* Distribution:
  . new convenience script texi2pdf, equivalent to texi2dvi --pdf (from tetex).
  . some cross-compiling support in configure && make.
  . new configure option --disable-install-warnings, for TeX.
    distributions which do have the files installed.
  . automake 1.9.4.

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