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ANNOUNCE: GNU Aspell 0.50.5

From: Kevin Atkinson
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GNU Aspell 0.50.5
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:32:08 -0500 (EST)

GNU Aspell 0.50.5 is now Available.

You should eventually be able to get it at 
but it is not their yet.  In the meanwhile you can get it at

Full Changelog:

Changes from to 0.50.5 (February 10, 2003)

  * Reworked url filter which fixed several bugs and now accepts "bla.bla/
    kdkdl" as a url.
  * Fixed bug in which the url filter was coming before all other filters
    when it was suppose to come after. This solved a number of problems
    where the url filter was interfering with other filters.
  * Small bug fix in SGML filter.
  * Added code page charsets, ie cp125?.dat.
  * Added natural (split) keyboard data file as "split.kbd"
  * Compile fixes for the upcoming Gcc 3.4
  * Removed Solaris link hack as it was causing more problems than it
  * Compile fixes for Sun WorkShop 6 compiler, but there may still be some
    problems, especially with linking.
  * Included patch to help compile with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.
  * Minor manual fixes.
  * Updated the TODO section to reflect the current progress with the next
    major version of Aspell (0.51).
  * Updated to Autoconf 2.59, Automake 1.82, and Libtool 1.5.2.


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