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gettext 0.14.1 available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: gettext 0.14.1 available
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:07:18 -0500

gettext 0.14.1 is available from and
GNU mirrors, both the distribution .tar.gz and the GPG signature.

Gettext is the standard GNU package for internationalization and is used
by very many other GNU packages.

Please send comments and bug reports to address@hidden

Karl  (not the gettext maintainer, just another user :)

Here's the NEWS:

Version 0.14 - January 2004

* Programming languages support:

  - C#:

    xgettext now also supports C#.

    New library: GNU.Gettext.dll contains the runtime for using GNU gettext
    message catalogs in C#.

    msgfmt can create (and msgunfmt can dump) message catalogs for C#.

* Special feature for Farsi (Persian): Translators can insert an 'I' flag
  into numeric format directives in format strings. Its effect is that, on
  glibc systems, the number is generated with the locale dependent set of
  special digits instead of the usual ASCII digits.

* Documentation:

  - New documentation section: C#.
  - Complete examples illustrating the use of gettext in C# (in text mode and
    in Forms applications) have been added.

  - New documentation section: Preparing Library Sources.

* Special advice for Norwegian users: The language code for Norwegian
  bokmÃ¥l changed from 'no' to 'nb' recently (in 2003). During the transition
  period, while some message catalogs for this language are installed under
  'nb' and some older ones under 'no', it's recommended for Norwegian users to
  set the LANGUAGE environment variable to 'nb:no' so that both newer and
  older translations are used.

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