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From: David Neary
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.0 pre3
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 21:12:20 +0100
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Hi all,

The latest pre-release of the upcoming 2.0 GIMP is hot off the
presses and available for download now at

or from one of the mirrors listed at

Screenshots of some of the features available in the shiny new GIMP 
are at

We fixed a bunch of bugs, and we have another bunch to fix, and
we're sure we haven't found them all yet. If you find any for us,
please report them to, against the GIMP
product. We really do appreciate it.

A special mention goes out to the GIMP Animation Package from Wolfgang 
Hofer, available here

The plug-in has recently had a 2.0 pre-release of its own.  This plug-in 
is the best thing sinced sliced cheese. Screenshots are available (in 
French) at

Happy GIMPing,

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre3
- 127451: Anchor floating selection when creating a text layer (Mitch)
- 50649:  Allow to call script-fu scripts from plug-ins (Mitch)
- 132617: Improved gimp-remote behaviour (Sven)
- 132036: Fixed issues with libart scan conversion (Simon)
- 132041: Made info window not grab the focus (Mitch)
- 132077: Redraw layer boundary when using transform tools (Mitch)
- 132089: Flip tool misbehaviours (Mitch)
- 132032: User interface issues with Plugin Details (David Odin)
- 132145: Use default values when stroking from the PDB (Mitch)
- 132162: Anchoring a floating selection on a channel (Mitch)
- 132271: Mosaic filter on selections (Simon)
- 132322: gimp-levels on grayscale images (Mitch)
- 132329: Info window doesn't show inital values (Shlomi Fish)
- 118084: Info window not updated in automatic mode (Shlomi Fish)
- 132495: Positioning of glyphs that extend the logical rectangle (Sven)
- 108659: Use g_spawn in postscript plug-in (Peter Kirchgessner)
- 132508: Problems with path tool in Edit mode (Simon)
- 132504: Fixed unsharp mask script (Mitch)
- 132595: Don't draw the selection if it's hidden (Sven)
- 132027: Crash in gimpressionist (Sven)
- 132596: Use default values for color DND (Mitch)
- 132493: Tuned Comic Logo script (Pedro Gimeno)
- 132649: Allow to fill the whole selection using bucket-fill (Mitch)
- 131902: Improved handling of missing tags in TIFF loader (Andrey Kiselev)
- 93806:  Validate script-fu input (Yosh)
- 132214: Differentiate writable and readonly data directories (Mitch)
- 131964: Zoom ratio problem (Simon)
- 132969: Set help-id for tool on tool options dock (Mitch)
- 132999: Make assembler code PIC safe (Yosh)
- 119878: Use the same keyboard shortcuts in all GIMP windows
  (except the toolbox window) (Mitch)
- 131975 & 
- 132297: Disable some warnings while loading TIFFs (Raphael)
- 129529: Add a "randomize" toggle to random number widget (Dave Neary)
- 133099: Duplicate PDB entries problem (Mitch)
- 133122: Disallow renaming of layer masks and some floating selections (Mitch)
- 130118: Allow non-UTF8 characters in the GIMP home directory (Mitch)
- 122026: Workaround a bug in gdk_draw_segments() (David Odin)
- 133280: Remove deleted scripts from the menu (Mitch)
- 133270: Replace deprecated enum values in scripts (Kevin Cozens)
- 133180: Sort menu entries for save and load procedures (Mitch)
- 131563: Use percentages for zoom ratios (Simon, Sven)

Other contributions:
  Manish Singh, Tor Lillqvist, Jakub Steiner, Michael Natterer,
  Sven Neumann, Kevin Cozens

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