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SLIB 2d3, JACAL 1b2

From: Brian Youmans
Subject: SLIB 2d3, JACAL 1b2
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:12:48 -0500

I have just released (Scheme Library) SLIB 2d3 and (symbolic mathematics
system) JACAL 1b2.  Using slib2d3, Guile 1.4 passes the JACAL regression

The SLIB color package provides significant new capabilities which I
believe can be of use to many programs using Guile as an extension
language.  It is comprehensive color computation supporting the standard
color spaces and spectra; metrics and color-name dictionaries;
everything but four-color separations (which must be matched to specific
toner sets). describes the system
further and links to online documentation:

 SLIB's color package provides methods to specify, compute, and transform
 colors in the color spaces CIEXYZ, CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*u*v*, CIEL*C*h,
 RGB709, sRGB, e-sRGB, xyY, spectra, and chromaticity. It also provides
 for reading and writing of a textual representation of colors; and
 color-name lookup from multiple dynamically-loadable databases.


    Color Data-Type 
    Color Spaces 
    Color Difference Metrics 
    Color Conversions 
    Color Names 

analyzes and evaluates several color-name dictionaries on the web.


Free Software color has not reached its potential due to a variety of
technical, commercial, and legal factors.  I believe the tools to
rectify this situation are now in hand.

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