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New release of Electric (6.05)

From: Steven Rubin
Subject: New release of Electric (6.05)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:13:05 -0800

I am pleased to announce that version 6.05 of the Electric VLSI Design System is available.

This release has many minor improvements and some notable major features:

> Improvements to SPICE and Verilog netlisters.

> A optional built-in IRSIM simulation engine (from Stanford).

> Improved Schematics features, including arrayed nodes, more flexible busses, global signals, and facet parameters.

> Better use of MOSIS CMOS design rules.

> An optional interface to the Qt window system (written by Dmitry Nadezhin).

> A foreign language interface (with a French version of Electric available now, translated by Miguel Saro).

Happy designing!

-Steven Rubin

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