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GNU libavl 2.0 released

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: GNU libavl 2.0 released
Date: 07 Jan 2002 11:55:53 -0800
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libavl 2.0 is now available for download from
as a distribution with source code in tar.gz format, or as a
preformatted book in gzip-compressed PDF, PostScript, or plain
text formats.

libavl is a library in ANSI/ISO C for the manipulation of binary trees
and balanced binary trees.  libavl is written using a literate
programming system called TexiWEB.  By way of TexiWEB, libavl is as
much a textbook on binary trees and balanced binary trees as it is a
collection of code.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of earlier versions.  It is not
binary or source compatible with libavl 1.x.  However, if libavl 2.0's
new features are unnecessary, there is no need to upgrade.  libavl
1.4.1 does not contain any bugs known to cause incorrect behavior.  It
is still supported in the sense that if any such bugs are reported,
they will be fixed.

The assistance of the community is requested in debugging and
improving libavl.  Your suggestions and bug reports are appreciated,
whether related to code or prose.  Exposition, style, spelling,
punctuation, and grammar are all fair game.  All the code in this
release has been carefully tested, but unknown bugs may still exist.
Please check out and proofread libavl and report back any bugs to me
by email at <address@hidden>.

This release supports the following kinds of trees:

    Plain binary trees:
        * Binary search trees
        * AVL trees
        * Red-black trees

    Threaded binary trees:
        * Threaded binary search trees
        * Threaded AVL trees
        * Threaded red-black trees

    Right-threaded binary trees:
        * Right-threaded binary search trees
        * Right-threaded AVL trees
        * Right-threaded red-black trees

    Binary trees with parent pointers:
        * Binary search trees with parent pointers
        * AVL trees with parent pointers
        * Red-black trees with parent pointers

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