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[fwd] your investor special pr news release

From: Tammie Golden
Subject: [fwd] your investor special pr news release
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 18:35:27 +0180

Travel Agencies Report Record sales On E-Pang Palace Packages

The Comp:  Dark Dynamite Inc.
Close: $0.89

Recent agreements with 25 Major Travel Agencies to promote
E-Pang palace packages for tourists interested in traveling 
through China, have returned amazing results.

Agencies have reported back to DKDY, E-pang Palaces management 
company, that sales have been higher than expected.

Tourists expected to begin arriving in Sept of this year will 
drastically increase revenue to the park and surrounding facilities 
bringing increased returns to investors.

Right now DKDY is trading at an easy walk-in price of $0.89.

Pick up DKDY on Monday and grab hold of a stock with excellent ROI.

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