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Topolov "The New World Chess Champion" by Andrew Zito

From: The Pushed Pawn
Subject: Topolov "The New World Chess Champion" by Andrew Zito
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 21:44:49 GMT

Topolov "The New World Chess Champion" by Andrew Zito

Though the headlines read "Topolov The New World Champion" The real story of 
heart breaking proportions was once again that which was behind the headlines, 
and beyond common perceptions where Anand finished second, and failed to become 
World Champion.

On the FIDE website the headlines announced "Topalov Undefeated World Champion, 
Anand Second", and on the Navind Times of India the headlines stated the home 
town favorite "Anand finishes second, Topolov is new world champion".

Though Garry Kasparov has for all intents and purposes quit chess for Russian 
politics, in an instance specifically affording GM Anand a great opportunity to 
win the world championship, as he entered as top
contender. This has become a terrible series of events for Anand, for quite 
possibly it results to forever prevent him from ever becoming the World Chess 
Champion, for which we express our bitter disappointment.


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