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xboard & gnuchess 5.0.6

From: Alexander Schrieken
Subject: xboard & gnuchess 5.0.6
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:38:44 +0200

Hi all,

Just installed gnuchess 5.06 on my Apple Power
Mac G4 running OS X. Seems to work OK, only I'd
like to use it with xboard.

Simply running xboard gave error-messages. The
information at Tim Mann's site seems to indicate
that there is no easy way to get gnuchess and
xboard to cooperate:

> If you have GNU Chess 5, the command should be
> "gnuchess xboard" instead.  To make XBoard use
> this command, give the -fcp parameter like
> this:
> xboard -fd gnuchess_directory -fcp "./gnuchess
> xboard"

Can't I modify some resource file so that I don't
have to remember this long command?

Please respond off list, since I've not
subscribed yet.


the Netherlands

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