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GLOBAL-5.9 released.

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: GLOBAL-5.9 released.
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2010 13:20:21 +0900

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Hello hackers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of GLOBAL-5.9.

                        *** Caution ***

This version of GLOBAL doesn't support tag files of the former version.
If you install this version, you should remake all tag files again using
gtags(1) in this package. Though new gtags's speed has improved very much,
you need not hurry up to upgrade it if you have a lot of tag files of
former version. Thank you for your cooperation.

New facilities:
o global: New --encode-path option.
  This option is to support path names which includes blanks.
o globash: New command.
o global: Accept the -r and -s option at the same time.
o gtags, global, htags: Allows path name which includes blanks.
  This is experimental operation. You can use this function by setting
  environment variable 'GTAGSALLOWBLANK'. Please try and send us bug reports.
o gtags: Speed-up using 'sorted writing'.
  It uses external POSIX sort program (/usr/bin/sort). If your system's path
  is different from /usr/bin/sort, you will see the following message:

    Warning: POSIX sort program not found. If available, the program will be 
speed up.

  In that case, please rebuild GLOBAL with the --with-posix-sort option.

    $ ./configure --with-posix-sort=<path of POXIS sort program in your system>

o gtags-cscope: When using gtags-cscope with the -C argument to ignore case,
  it passes malformed arguments to global which prevents it from looking
  up the definition points of the requested identifier.
o global: The -I command with the --result option fails.

o GLOBAL shifted to new architecture and new tag files. GLOBAL doesn't use
  GSYMS tag file any longer. New GLOBAL doesn't support older tag files.
  When you use older tag files, you will see the following message:

        global: /*/GTAGS seems older format. Please remake tag files.

o Removed undermentioned config variables:

Removed config variable         replacement
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
definition_header(position)     -h, --func-header[=position]
disable_grep                    --disable-grep
dynamic                         -D, --dynamic
full_path                       --full-path
no_map_file                     --no-map-file
other_files                     -o, --other
show_position                   --show-position
table_flist                     -T, --table-flist[=rows]
flist_fields(number)            -T, --table-flist[=rows]
enable_idutils                  --disable-idutils (*1)
table_list                      --table-list
suffixes                        langmap
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  *1 Please note that '--disable-idutils' is opposite to 'enable_idutils'.

If you use above removed variables in your configuration file, please
use config variable 'htags_options' instead.

For example:
:htags_options=--func-header=before --full-path --other --table-flist=3 

You can download it from

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Shigio YAMAGUCHI <address@hidden>
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